This is the time of year where I seek simplicity. As summer winds down and we start to prepare for the holidays and the winter season, it’s time to unwind. Seeking simplicity is searching for the beauty in the simple things. With a difficult year in the midst of a pandemic, there are days when I just want to stay under the covers. Who’s with me?

My small yet unique garden spots make me smile, as I use old buckets and pumpkins to brighten our home. Something so simple can add so much joy!

Our shabby shack is still hanging on to its summer blooms and loving every second that it lasts. The warm days are greeting us with sunshine and the cool nights have us seeking a blanket to take the chill off.

Hope this post finds you enjoying a memento of simplicity! Thank you for stopping by.

Peace, love & junk,


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Vintage Elf on the Shelf

Vintage elves

I have collected these vintage elves for the past twelve years. They are just cute and make me smile. So why not? I have also sold quite a few of them. Now I wish I would have kept them for my own.

Vintage Elf on the Shelf

Yes, every year they get into mischief. Well, they get into the liquor cabinet.

I need coffee!

And then…..they need coffee!

Stayed tuned for more shenanigans from this crew of vintage elves.

Peace, love & junk,


And summer starts…

Our dining room, showing signs of spring

Spring is a sign of everything starting anew. After a long winter the Country is showing signs of spring fading into summer. So, our dining room has needed a refresh for quite some time. But with working a full time job any my side hustle of antiques, it just hasn’t happened. Until now! Amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some flea market, auction items can make in a room.

Our dining room

My chandelier was purchased at an antique auction, missing quite a few crystals. Solution…I purchased a broken chandelier at a flea market for $10.00, just to keep all the crystals. The beautiful crystals are expensive when you purchase them alone. My antique ice cream maker was purchased from a local antique shop. It has all the working parts from 1923 and is in impeccable shape. White ironstone was picked up at an estate sale on the last day and was 50% off.

I adore vintage candle sticks. You can pick them up everywhere. So I buy them and then sell them when I’m looking for something different. My goose collection has come from auctions and estate sales over the years. Picking up one at a time over the years adds up. So keep looking and scouring those sale!

My favorite cupboard

This antique cupboard was purchased from an auction. Add a couple coats of General Finishes Milk Paint in antique white and it is a classic piece. My crocks and ironstone have all been purchased over the years. I’m still working on my ironstone collection and can’t pass it up at estate sales! What about you, do you adore ironstone?

Old glory in a vignette

Adding a vintage rosary and some vintage inspired flags adds that point of interest to your vignettes. I pickup vintage rosaries at estate sales or flea markets all the time!

My antique desk

I am deciding whether to keep or sell this piece in our dining room. It needs to be painted again and I’m ready for a change. So we will will if it stays in the next week or so.

Miniature pansies

Thank you for stopping by! We are in spring decor season heading into summer, enjoy!

Peace, love and junk,


A vintage ice cream bucket

1923 Ice Cream maker

I have been searching high and low for a antique ice cream maker. So happy to say “ I found one”. Check out that gorgeous blue color with all the parts intact. Better yet…….it works.

Junk hunting with this cutie

I had a fabulous lunch date with my granddaughter and we went to an antique shop afterwards. It’s never to early to take your grand children junk hunting with you. We were enjoying all the cool stuff when I seen the ice cream maker on the floor. Wait, what? Yes, it was on the floor. I couldn’t believe it. I checked out the price tag and scooped it up.

1923 Ice Cream maker

I will be searching for the perfect faux flowers to put in this amazing find, so it can hang out on my dining room table.

Made in U.S.A., Pat. June 12, 1923

Stay tuned for an update after it is filled with faux flowers.

Peace, love & junk,


Swooning over spring!

Antique European ticking fabric

Spring is just weeks away, yet it’s not soon enough. We had our first major snow storm with 14 1/2 inches of snow, so we are ready for for warmer days and sunshine. With that said I have been craving French fabrics. Hence, my happy mail.

Angel wings from vintage European grain sack

I have been busy working on angel wings, bunnies and more hearts!

Pocket heart bunnies. They are the cutest little piece of spring, just what I needed.

Vintage dress form with angel wings
Front garden in spring

I will leave you with this warm weather spring pic of our garden last year. This pic just screams spring and warm weather is ahead. So for now I will continue to sew with vinyl fabrics and paint old chippy furniture until it’s warm and sunny!

Peace, love and junk,


Oh February…

It’s February and I have been busy. Here is what I have been up to with creating new hearts.

A heart created with a vintage scapular

My love of old and unusual led me to these vintage catholic relic pieces in an amazing antique shop in Delaware, Ohio. I have had them tucked away waiting for the perfect project.

Time worn vintage assemblage hearts

These vintage tiny pieces are so amazing. The stories they could tell. Now someone can enjoy them all over again in a beautiful way.

Oh my, the detail…

I have used black and white felt, gold embroidery floss and glass beads. Embellished with the vintage pieces. I could create these over and over.

Amazing crochet work on this tiny vintage piece

Sprinkle in a couple of tiny bags made from antique European grain sacks.

I have been busy, doing what I love……creating!

Peace, love & junk,


February is upon us!

Vintage lace & Antique European Grain Sack Hearts

No surprise that I’m still making hearts. February is almost here! I have antique European grain sacks and vintage lace so it’s time to melt the two together.

I went thrifting a few days ago and I can’t pass up vintage milk glass. This vase is perfect to hold hand made hearts.

Which one is your fav?

Really, which one is your favorite? I know mine! Perfect hearts to tuck your favorite valentine in.

Cutter quilt hearts too…

I’ve been busy with all kinds of hearts. Another vintage cutter quilt that needed to be repurposed. I will be using this cutter quilt for more projects too. The outer edges of this quilt deteriorated and crumbled. Such a sad sight, but the inner panels of the quilt are gorgeous and so colorful.

Can’t wait to show you what else I do with them. Stay tuned.


Oh February, you are so much fun. Stay tuned.

Peace, love & junk,


Hearts! ❤️

Antique European grain sack heart

I have been busy this week making hearts from antique European grain sack scraps. I’ll be honest I love making hearts. So when I came across these antique scraps from grain sacks I had to use it. All different sizes, different vintage cloth and you have tons of sweet hearts!

I had an old flour sack that was torn and an old buck shot bag, that became hearts and a little hanging sack.

An old buck shot bag, turned into a little hanging sack.

This week I will be working on more pocket hearts made from old cutter quilts. I can’t wait!

Smaller hanging hearts

Have a fabulous week. Thank you for stopping by!

Hearts, hearts and more hearts.

Peace, love and junk,


Good bye 2021, Hello New Year 2022

Strawberry Margarita

Hello 2022! 2021 was a year of res and recovery for me. On December 17, 2020 I was carrying laundry down to the laundry room and my feet became tangled on the second step. Those thirteen {13} steps head first into the concrete floor was a eye opening experience. Numerous broken bones, bumps, bruises, severe concussion and brain fog would lead to two {2} different surgeries and three and a half months {3 1/2 } off work. Very little painting and not a whole lot of creating.

Me, ouch! This pic still makes me nauseous.

I’m not going to let this fall or any fall set me back. I’ve already lost a whole year, yet I have the rest of my life. So, what’s next?

My top nine posts from Instagram.

I want to fill 2022 Top Nine with gorgeous furniture pics, memory making trips and Harvey our rescue dog.

Harvey the rescue dog

Harvey had a difficult 2020 into 2021 too. We rescued him out of Flint, Michigan where he had been left in a motel for homeless familial and couples. The motel knew he was there, but didn’t realize the couple had left. He was starving and so matted he had to be shoved to his bare bones to help him move. You could feel his ribs and every bone in his spine.

No worries now, he is fed, groomed, feels right at home and loved beyond words. We are so lucky to have him in our lives and to be his parents.

So 2021, really does have happy endings. A creator ready to create, a happy and well fed rescue dog and a strawberry Margarita to end the year.

January decor 2022

Thank you for checking in and here’s to 2022!

Peace, love and junk,



Merry, merry

Vintage Shiny Brite tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hand drawn Santa Ornament

So I was playing with some plan wood cutouts and an oil Sharpie. Santa ornaments were created.

The Man in the Moon

Had to make a Man in the Moon ornament too. Who can resist this guy? Not me! All that’s left to do is, drill a hole in the top and add a jut hanger. Complete…add to the tree!

Thread spool trees and a vintage door knob tree

Vintage tread spool trees are the perfect hostess gift for the holidays. I have them all throughout the house. They are irresistible! Add a vintage doorknob tree and you are all set. I collect doorknobs all year long to create these adorable gifts!

Vintage spools make adorable trees!

I purchased these adorable vintage spools because they looked like little Christmas trees. They are the sweetest.

Grain sack trees

Lots of news this year, love creating unique trees out of vintage finds.

Thank you for checking in. Lots of things happening here in my vintage world and looking forward to new ventures. Happy New Year!

Peace, love & junk,