Hands, hands & more hands…

Yes, it’s October and my Halloween decor is coming out.  Where have all my hands been?  Tucked away waiting to break out and be seen.  Aren’t they the coolest?  Why yes they are.  They look awesome in a black and white photo. 

Don’t mind the dogs rear end in the lower right hand corner of the pic, she just wouldn’t move. Ugh!  So the photo must go on.  

Picked up some pretty mums from a family farm stand down the road and will be picking up some pumpkins soon too. We’ve had so much rain lately, the pumpkins could have floated away. 

My summer flowers are still hanging on and look really awesome, it’s hard to tear them out.  I know I have to, its just hard to let go if something so pretty this time of year.

My succulents look even better now.  They really love the old bottom bucket I planted them in. 

I have really enjoyed watching them grow this season and creating this cute little planting out of a piece of rusty Junk. 

Speaking of rusty Junk, my hanging scale was totally awesome thus year with the Boston fern.  In fact the Boston fern looks so good, I will be taking it in the house for the winter season.  I plan on putting it in the tall brass cigarette stand in the dining room to enjoy the sun from the patio doors. 

I now have four hanging scales that I have purchased over the past several years to hold my plants.  They look fabulous, don’t they? Yes they do. 

Every year I try something new {old} and unique to bring joy to my garden, I have accomplished that this year! 

On to winter and the joys of snow.  

Thank you! 

Peace, love & Junk, 




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I’m off to join the gypsies!