Moonlight with a French Twist

After completing numerous antique white dressers with French typography in ebony, it’s time for something a little different. Antique white painted vintage furniture sells, so I find myself painting a lot of it. It sells really well, yet quite often everyone is painting in antique white. So it’s time for a dresser I call “Moonlight”. See this vintage dresser go from tired to truly beautiful.

My favorite style of dresser to paint are the small dressers with detail and scrollwork. Even in disrepair, there is still so much potential. This dresser had numerous water rings on the top and wear and tear on the drawers. My hubby would fill the holes for the handles on the dresser and then drill a new hole for my crystal knobs. I don’t typically sand my pieces before painting them, but this one needed it. Next up paint.

Well it’s been quite some time since I painted a piece in Lamp Black, I’m ready now. If you’ve followed me for any time now, you know that I use General Finishes Milk Paint and love it. Painting a furniture piece in black can be difficult and I suggest having sufficient light when painting. It will make it so much easier to spot if you missed anything.

Three light coats of paint should cover your piece. I will have a very subtle amount of distressing to finish the piece, more to follow. Next up my favorite part, french typography.

My favorite site for graphics is The Graphics Fairy. I chose this design because I previously completed a large piece with this same graphic and loved it.

I draw these designs by hand with an oil Sharpie. The6 have them in all colors and can be found at any craft store. Having used them for years, I love drawing with them.

Next up will be some very light distressing and white wax for the whole piece. There is a mirror which just adds to this pieces beauty.

With more detail on this mirror, the white wax brings out the amazing scroll work.

Check out the completed piece. It turned out amazing. Up next will be a name for this pretty piece and off to the vintage boutique it goes.

Her name is…Moonlight. She is dark, yet distressed lightly and a touch of white wax so she will shine. “Moonlight ” it is!

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