“Dream Big Little One” Dresser

We purchased this dresser at auction and it was all in tact. A pretty mirror, dresser drawers and the little closet attached. While moving it out of the truck, a little mishap took place and the mirror slid out and fell on the floor of the box truck. We took the frame off and I said “No problem, I’ll make it a chalkboard”. And, that’s just what it became. Things don’t always work out exactly as you plan them…they turn out better!

There were some spots that needed to be filled and the drawers needed to be adjusted so they would fit properly again. After that it was ready for paint. My go to paint is General Finishes Milk Paint in antique white. This piece would take three coats of paint to cover the entire piece. The frame where the mirror once was, has been replaced with a spare piece of wood that was painted with black chalkboard paint. Then the fun part starts. What fun you might ask? Choosing a graphic to draw on the door. My hubby told me this one was made for the vintage Ballerina graphic from The Graphics Fairy.


I have drawn this graphic several times before on different pieces and sizes of furniture, so I knew I enjoyed drawing it. It is a challenge, yet fun. I print out the graphic on graph paper and then fold the paper into four sections. This allows me to determine where the center is and the start drawing the graphics on my piece of furniture. I use oil Sharpies and love them. I have fifty different black oil Sharpie’s in different size tips for drawing.

After the graphics are completed the piece is ready for wax. I use ebony wax from BriWax and find it easy to use over milk paint. After brushing the wax on, in small sections, I will then rub the whole furniture piece with steel wool. This gives it an old age/vintage look, almost like the graphics have been there for years.

Glass knobs will be added, they just look classic to me and are my favorite. I added a simple name to the chalkboard for fun. Then it’s time for staging and…Photography.

And, it is up next. I love the color of the vintage gold velvet jewelry box against the black and white. Both the jewelry box and the old straw hat were picked up at an auction too.

It’s always fun to step back and look at your hard work and accomplishment.

This piece will be going to the antique mall. Hopefully it will find an owner who will enjoy it for years to come. So, dream big little one as you dance on.

Peace, love & Junk,


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