The Bicycle Dresser

  If you had seen this dresser at the auction, would you purchase it?  I did.  It will go from drab to fab, with lamp black milk paint, furniture polish, an oil Sharpie and glass vintage style knobs.  Add some time, hard work and music, it will become the “Bicycle Dresser”.

  My husband purchased this dresser at an auction and thought we could just put a price tag on it and take it to antique mall to sell.  After we unloaded it and looked at it again, there was quite a bit of veneer that was missing around the corners of the drawers and on the bottom piece of the dresser.  The wood was in such great shape in the middle of the drawers, it would be a shame to paint the entire dresser. What to do with it then?

  I had wanted to draw graphics on a piece in its natural wood and this might just be that piece.  So I took all the drawers out and my husband filled them and sanded them to take care of the missing and frayed veneer.  Lamp black milk paint from General Finishes is a favorite of mine and I would paint the frame of the dresser and about an inch of the outside edges of all the drawers.  The wood fill would need to be painted and covered.

Now to decide on a graphic. My go to place for graphics is The Graphics After choosing the graphic, it’s time to start drawing. After using the bicycle graphic several times, in different sizes, I feel comfortable drawing it. I use oil Sharpies to draw with and love the results. Against the natural wood on the dresser it really looks amazing. I’m so excited that I chose this dresser and this graphic to try this technique! I’m always trying to grow and try new techniques to keep my pieces fresh and to keep me in love with creating.

After the graphics I will need to paint about an inch at the end of each drawer to cover the fill. I choose to draw the graphics prior to painting to make sure I had enough room for the full graphic and it fit so nicely. Quite often I add a little something or take away a little from each graphic I draw. This time it’s the complete graphic. After drawing on each piece I need to step back and make sure the graphic is complete. I’m not perfect and often miss something in the graphic or add a little extra, yet overall…I’m happy with the results.

Up next…I need to add the glass vintage inspired knobs. I love these knobs and have them in three different sizes. The large size is what I used on this dresser and they look fabulous. After completing hundreds of dressers, my go to glass knobs are a signature of my pieces.

Well it’s almost reveal time. It’s cold outside and my studio will have to do for a photo.

Off to the vintage market it went. It was purchased by a couple in North Carolina and would make the trip down south wrapped in blankets. Enjoy, now on to the next one!

The House Market, Maumee, Ohio

Thank you so much for stopping by and following along my journey of Junk. I’m off to find my next project.

Peace, love & Junk,


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