A copper delight!

When I purchased this little vintage washstand on the Facebook Marketplace site it was a royal blue. The lady I bought it from, no longer had room for it and stated it belonged to her great Aunt. Unfortunately, I never took a before pic. Why, no time, no energy, just in a life has me down kinda mood.

In my mind I had a picture of the finished piece….it would be painted antique white, some French typography, waxed with ebony wax and a layer of copper in the wash basin. I nailed It!

Painted in two coats of General Finishes antique white milk paint, hand drawn graphics with an oil Sharpie. My favorite graphic from The Graphics Fairy.


I could picture the copper lining and knew what I wanted, so I sent my hubby on a mission to find it. Everywhere he looked it was commercial grade copper for construction and was very expensive. The idea and vision in my mind was crushed. So I started searching on the internet. Hobby Lobby to the rescue. They sell very thin rolls of copper for crafts and jewelry at a reasonable price, so I scooped it up. It would take two rolls and lots of tiny nails to attach it. But my vision was coming to life. I love it when a plan comes together.

I love when a plan comes together. Even if I hadn’t been able to find the copper, it still would have been a cute piece.

It is now at the vintage boutique waiting to go to a new home.

Peace, love & Junk,


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