Just breathe…

I have to tell myself to….just breathe! Life can change in an instant and you can never go back. When this year started out with a phone call in the middle of the night that my adult son was in the emergency room, I knew this year would be a whirlwind.

Well, I was right. From my son’s nearly severed ankle, to my Moms open heart surgery, two strokes, pneumonia and fractured back, just to start. We gained temporary custody of my eight year old grandson in May and we are adjusting to life with a talkative, vivacious and smart eating machine. Mind you, we have been empty nesters for fifteen years. It’s not uncommon for my hubby to plan a two week motorcycle trip and then leave for several weeks. Or for me to spend hours in the studio, not realizing what time it is and that I haven’t eaten all day.

So I am just now getting back in the studio and creating everything I can in a twenty four hour day. Sleep is overrated when you have a creative spirit!

My past several days have been in the studio, then delivering and staging vintage furnishings.

As I’m going through my day, I find that I need to remind myself to……just breathe. For the planet will still spin, the work will go on and I will make it.

Creating and music keep my soul happy, so don’t be surprised if you hear Van Morrison playing on Pandora in the studio and I am covered in paint!

Peace, love & Junk,


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