Some Boho love…

Every once in a while you need to switch things up. Go in an unexpected direction. Add some color, blend some paint and free your mind. Boho style has always been a favorite of mine. After painting antique white furniture for months, I am ready.

My favorite piece of furniture to paint are these small commodes. Some are fancy and some are plain. They are available at auctions for a reasonable price and are easy to move. My hubby is limiting my large furniture purchases. No problem, I’ll just purchase three or four of these pieces to make up for one large piece.

I started with a custom mixed blue General Finishes milk paint and then blended a deep purple around the edges. Add white, pink, more purple and more blue in every shade available. When blending paint I keep a cup white a small amount of water in it and keep dipping my brush in the water over and over. Blending all the layers together.

You can see the purple that is blended in the crevasses and the edges. Finished off with a white wash. There are no rules when blending paint, use the colors that move you and paint how you want to paint.

I waxed the entire piece with a white wax and then finished with glass crystal handles.

This piece sold after posting pics on my business Facebook page to a friend who was redecorating her spare bedroom. On to the next piece.

Peace, love & junk,