Vintage Cedar Chest

Who else adores old, vintage cedar chests? This girl does! I have always loved them, waiting to put all my favorite treasures in them. I have had my own cedar chest now for 40 years and I love it now, just as much as I did when I bought it. They are classic and are now used all over your home for different purposes.

I picked this vintage cedar chest up at an auction and could see the potential for a beautiful piece. It was cleaned, painted and waxed to give it that shabby, cottage feel. It only stayed at the antique mall for a week before it went to its new home.
Oh the memories these old chests hold. If only they could tell us all the treasures they have held and loved.
Unfortunately someone had taken an ice pick or a screw driver to the top of this vintage cedar chest. It was filled, sanded, painted and waxed to give it a new life.
The detail adds to that shabby look!
Oh those legs, love the detail on these old cedar chests.
They quite often are in bad shape, this one needed new legs.

Well, I’m off to find another old, vintage piece to turn into a shabby treasure.

Thank you for stopping by and spending a couple minutes with me. I truly appreciate your support as a navigate this adventure of junk.

Peace, love & junk,


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