All the Fall Feels

Our leaves are starting to fall and it’s the unofficial start to fall, Labor Day weekend. I have several days off, so I decided to go purchase my mum’s from my favorite local greenhouse. Get them early, because they go really fast!

Chrissy Corners, Monclova, Ohio

Their mums are huge and so reasonable! The personal service is amazing and you won’t be disappointed. Oh, did I mention they have perennials too, why of course. You can get really distracted with all the beautiful blooms.

Amazing blooms!

I am a huge fan of pansies. They had these pansies that are guaranteed to winter over in the brutal N.W. Ohio winters. We will be craving pics of pansies in February.

Winter Survivor Pansies

I may just go back and buy some! The brilliant color gets me every time.

The succulents are divine!

Every greenhouse needs a good farm dog and they have one, Pete! He is ready to greet you and chase the farm cat too. I really adore stopping by here and checking everything out.

I did purchase 10 potted mums and I am ready to start planting. I am a strong believer in purchasing LOCAL and supporting our businesses in our community. So stop by your local farm market and greenhouse.

Let the fall vibes begin.

Monclova, Ohio

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for all the fall decorating posts.

Peace, love & junk,


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