As the sun goes down…

Monclova, Ohio

I have been watering mums, 21 pots, every evening and this is my view. Time well spent, time to unwind from the day and just enjoy the peace.

Wedding white mums

They’re named wedding white mums for a reason, we are hosting a wedding here in the country. October 2, 2021 to be exact, so we are in prep mode. I purchased these gorgeous mums from a local nursery a couple of miles away from us. My favorite garden nursery for the fall, their customer service and quality of plants is top notch!

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

Even the She Shed will be decked out with mums. I spent a day sweeping and refreshing the she shed, my hubby replaced the alarm batteries so the porch lights work. Love seeing it from our deck all lit up.

Our She Shed porch, Monclova, Ohio

These views never get old. Enjoy a peaceful sunset.

Peace, love & junk,


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