Time to decorate for the holidays?

My original door knob Christmas tree, created Dec. 2007

Are getting that holiday decor itch? That need to decorate for Christmas, as soon as Halloween is over? 12:01 am on November 1st? I wait to find out if my sister is hosting Thanksgiving or am I. With the past two years being a global pandemic we have not had any visitors for the holidays. So should we go big or just a cozy Christmas in the country?

Vintage elf found in a boutique in Arizona.

If you are like me, we look for vintage Christmas defor all year long. When you see it and it’s in your budget, pick it up. Chances are it won’t be there at the holidays! The above vintage Elf is now a part of my personal collection. I couldn’t resist when I seen him peeking out of a corner in a vintage shop in Arizona. Seriously, I couldn’t pick this little guy up fast enough.

Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio Booth #16

In the vintage and antique shop business you are ready as soon as Halloween is over! Customers who decorate early are already buying and planning this year’s decorations and gifts.

Our front porch, Monclova, Ohio

When you live in N.W. Ohio when the weather is nice in late October or early November you decorate outside! Red bows will be added and all the leaves will be picked up by then. This fall has really been summer this season. An unusual year, with temps in the 80’s and tons of rain. The winter season will be a welcome change in temperature and gorgeous scenery.

Home sweet home, Monclova, Ohio

So, are you decorating early or waiting? Drop a comment and let me know! Either way, have fun and enjoy the season! Buy vintage and save a little piece of this earth.

Peace, love & junk,


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