Smitten mittens & Quilted trees

Vintage quilt mittens

Cutter quilts are collectible and can be used for so many creations to keep that cozy quilt feeling. I have collected cutter quilts and vintage quilts for over 35 years to create with and to decorate with. The work that goes into a quilt is amazing, long hours and lots of love. Can you imagine the number of stitches that goes into a full size quilt?

Vintage quilts and blue ticking fabric

So from these lovingly stitched cutter quilts come cozy creations. Check them out. With some vintage spools, old lace and fabric these quilted trees, mittens and hearts are made.

Vintage spools

I ordered the vintage spools on Facebook Marketplace and it was a deal. I ordered another package yesterday and can’t wait for them to come in! Happy mail is on its way!

Cutter quilt Christmas trees

The red and white quilt pieces were picked up this year from an antique shop in west Texas on our cross country picking trip to visit the kids. Someone started this beautiful quilt and then quit. All the fabric is in the bag waiting for someone to finish or to create with. I’m the “to create with” person. I have made a hand stitched quilt from start to finish and hand stitched a quilt top. The work, oh my! Quilters are to be admired!

Quilted trees

Hearts are a favorite of mine. Who doesn’t like hearts? Pocket hearts are perfect for gift giving. Just place your gift card in the pocket, no wrapping necessary. So sweet.

Quilted pocket heart

These we all be going to our spaces at the Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio. I have more to make, let the sewing begin.

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

On this Sunday morning we have our first snow fall and it’s sticking to the ground. Enjoy your Sunday and drop me a note.

Thank you so much for stopping by my place in the Country.

Peace, love & junk,


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