Merry, merry

Vintage Shiny Brite tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hand drawn Santa Ornament

So I was playing with some plan wood cutouts and an oil Sharpie. Santa ornaments were created.

The Man in the Moon

Had to make a Man in the Moon ornament too. Who can resist this guy? Not me! All that’s left to do is, drill a hole in the top and add a jut hanger. Complete…add to the tree!

Thread spool trees and a vintage door knob tree

Vintage tread spool trees are the perfect hostess gift for the holidays. I have them all throughout the house. They are irresistible! Add a vintage doorknob tree and you are all set. I collect doorknobs all year long to create these adorable gifts!

Vintage spools make adorable trees!

I purchased these adorable vintage spools because they looked like little Christmas trees. They are the sweetest.

Grain sack trees

Lots of news this year, love creating unique trees out of vintage finds.

Thank you for checking in. Lots of things happening here in my vintage world and looking forward to new ventures. Happy New Year!

Peace, love & junk,


Welcome December

Our barn, Monclova, Ohio

December is so gorgeous in the country. Our first measurable snowfall of the season happened this week, two inches of the pretty white stuff. The first snow is always the prettiest. It glistens, no paths, everything looks so perfect. Quite often it looks like a Christmas card. The barn always stands out in the snow.

Vintage elf’s always visit in December.

Another sign of December is our vintage elf’s. Yes, our naughty elf’s are back and looking for mischief. Every year they appear for a good time, enjoy!

Vintage bobbin trees

Vintage bobbins make the perfect stand for small cream sisal trees. I purchased the vintage bobbins on Etsy at a fabulous price. After using them for the quilt trees I had several left and they are perfect for tiny sisel trees.

Vintage bobbins

Enjoy your week, I’m getting back to more crafting and need to finish decorating the Christmas tree.

Thank you for stopping by!

Peace, love & junk,