Oh February…

It’s February and I have been busy. Here is what I have been up to with creating new hearts.

A heart created with a vintage scapular

My love of old and unusual led me to these vintage catholic relic pieces in an amazing antique shop in Delaware, Ohio. I have had them tucked away waiting for the perfect project.

Time worn vintage assemblage hearts

These vintage tiny pieces are so amazing. The stories they could tell. Now someone can enjoy them all over again in a beautiful way.

Oh my, the detail…

I have used black and white felt, gold embroidery floss and glass beads. Embellished with the vintage pieces. I could create these over and over.

Amazing crochet work on this tiny vintage piece

Sprinkle in a couple of tiny bags made from antique European grain sacks.

I have been busy, doing what I love……creating!

Peace, love & junk,


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