A vintage ice cream bucket

1923 Ice Cream maker

I have been searching high and low for a antique ice cream maker. So happy to say “ I found one”. Check out that gorgeous blue color with all the parts intact. Better yet…….it works.

Junk hunting with this cutie

I had a fabulous lunch date with my granddaughter and we went to an antique shop afterwards. It’s never to early to take your grand children junk hunting with you. We were enjoying all the cool stuff when I seen the ice cream maker on the floor. Wait, what? Yes, it was on the floor. I couldn’t believe it. I checked out the price tag and scooped it up.

1923 Ice Cream maker

I will be searching for the perfect faux flowers to put in this amazing find, so it can hang out on my dining room table.

Made in U.S.A., Pat. June 12, 1923

Stay tuned for an update after it is filled with faux flowers.

Peace, love & junk,


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