And summer starts…

Our dining room, showing signs of spring

Spring is a sign of everything starting anew. After a long winter the Country is showing signs of spring fading into summer. So, our dining room has needed a refresh for quite some time. But with working a full time job any my side hustle of antiques, it just hasn’t happened. Until now! Amazing what a fresh coat of paint and some flea market, auction items can make in a room.

Our dining room

My chandelier was purchased at an antique auction, missing quite a few crystals. Solution…I purchased a broken chandelier at a flea market for $10.00, just to keep all the crystals. The beautiful crystals are expensive when you purchase them alone. My antique ice cream maker was purchased from a local antique shop. It has all the working parts from 1923 and is in impeccable shape. White ironstone was picked up at an estate sale on the last day and was 50% off.

I adore vintage candle sticks. You can pick them up everywhere. So I buy them and then sell them when I’m looking for something different. My goose collection has come from auctions and estate sales over the years. Picking up one at a time over the years adds up. So keep looking and scouring those sale!

My favorite cupboard

This antique cupboard was purchased from an auction. Add a couple coats of General Finishes Milk Paint in antique white and it is a classic piece. My crocks and ironstone have all been purchased over the years. I’m still working on my ironstone collection and can’t pass it up at estate sales! What about you, do you adore ironstone?

Old glory in a vignette

Adding a vintage rosary and some vintage inspired flags adds that point of interest to your vignettes. I pickup vintage rosaries at estate sales or flea markets all the time!

My antique desk

I am deciding whether to keep or sell this piece in our dining room. It needs to be painted again and I’m ready for a change. So we will will if it stays in the next week or so.

Miniature pansies

Thank you for stopping by! We are in spring decor season heading into summer, enjoy!

Peace, love and junk,


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