This is the time of year where I seek simplicity. As summer winds down and we start to prepare for the holidays and the winter season, it’s time to unwind. Seeking simplicity is searching for the beauty in the simple things. With a difficult year in the midst of a pandemic, there are days when I just want to stay under the covers. Who’s with me?

My small yet unique garden spots make me smile, as I use old buckets and pumpkins to brighten our home. Something so simple can add so much joy!

Our shabby shack is still hanging on to its summer blooms and loving every second that it lasts. The warm days are greeting us with sunshine and the cool nights have us seeking a blanket to take the chill off.

Hope this post finds you enjoying a memento of simplicity! Thank you for stopping by.

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All the Fall Feels

Our leaves are starting to fall and it’s the unofficial start to fall, Labor Day weekend. I have several days off, so I decided to go purchase my mum’s from my favorite local greenhouse. Get them early, because they go really fast!

Chrissy Corners, Monclova, Ohio

Their mums are huge and so reasonable! The personal service is amazing and you won’t be disappointed. Oh, did I mention they have perennials too, why of course. You can get really distracted with all the beautiful blooms.

Amazing blooms!

I am a huge fan of pansies. They had these pansies that are guaranteed to winter over in the brutal N.W. Ohio winters. We will be craving pics of pansies in February.

Winter Survivor Pansies

I may just go back and buy some! The brilliant color gets me every time.

The succulents are divine!

Every greenhouse needs a good farm dog and they have one, Pete! He is ready to greet you and chase the farm cat too. I really adore stopping by here and checking everything out.

I did purchase 10 potted mums and I am ready to start planting. I am a strong believer in purchasing LOCAL and supporting our businesses in our community. So stop by your local farm market and greenhouse.

Let the fall vibes begin.

Monclova, Ohio

Thank you for stopping by and stay tuned for all the fall decorating posts.

Peace, love & junk,


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Vintage Pillar Candlesticks

I had been searching Facebook Marketplace for the perfect vintage pillars. You know right away when you find the perfect ones. After sending the message, I asked my hubby if he wanted to take a ride? He said yes and we were off.

Each spindle was in a different state of repair. They were all damaged, yet I could see the potential in every inch.

Some painted in Alabaster milk paint and the rest in their natural beauty. They do need a tiny bit of distressing…up next.

After they have been lightly distressed. Distressing can be accomplished in many different ways, I often use gritty sand paper and some muscle to accomplish the look I am going for. I really adore the various sizes, imagine them on your mantle or your sofa table….dreamy.

Here they are at the Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio on a vintage dresser tray surrounded by new and vintage treasures. Complete with candles from the dollar store.

Now to find the next set of vintage pillars to repurpose into candlesticks. Always on the hunt for something unique.

Thank you so much for stopping by and checking out my newest finds. A huge hug and thank you for supporting my small business dream.

Peace, love and junk,


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Vintage Cedar Chest

Who else adores old, vintage cedar chests? This girl does! I have always loved them, waiting to put all my favorite treasures in them. I have had my own cedar chest now for 40 years and I love it now, just as much as I did when I bought it. They are classic and are now used all over your home for different purposes.

I picked this vintage cedar chest up at an auction and could see the potential for a beautiful piece. It was cleaned, painted and waxed to give it that shabby, cottage feel. It only stayed at the antique mall for a week before it went to its new home.
Oh the memories these old chests hold. If only they could tell us all the treasures they have held and loved.
Unfortunately someone had taken an ice pick or a screw driver to the top of this vintage cedar chest. It was filled, sanded, painted and waxed to give it a new life.
The detail adds to that shabby look!
Oh those legs, love the detail on these old cedar chests.
They quite often are in bad shape, this one needed new legs.

Well, I’m off to find another old, vintage piece to turn into a shabby treasure.

Thank you for stopping by and spending a couple minutes with me. I truly appreciate your support as a navigate this adventure of junk.

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Some Boho love…

Every once in a while you need to switch things up. Go in an unexpected direction. Add some color, blend some paint and free your mind. Boho style has always been a favorite of mine. After painting antique white furniture for months, I am ready.

My favorite piece of furniture to paint are these small commodes. Some are fancy and some are plain. They are available at auctions for a reasonable price and are easy to move. My hubby is limiting my large furniture purchases. No problem, I’ll just purchase three or four of these pieces to make up for one large piece.

I started with a custom mixed blue General Finishes milk paint and then blended a deep purple around the edges. Add white, pink, more purple and more blue in every shade available. When blending paint I keep a cup white a small amount of water in it and keep dipping my brush in the water over and over. Blending all the layers together.

You can see the purple that is blended in the crevasses and the edges. Finished off with a white wash. There are no rules when blending paint, use the colors that move you and paint how you want to paint.

I waxed the entire piece with a white wax and then finished with glass crystal handles.

This piece sold after posting pics on my business Facebook page to a friend who was redecorating her spare bedroom. On to the next piece.

Peace, love & junk,


Winter Decor

Well, winter has finally arrived here in the Country. After weeks of rain and 65° temperatures it is cold. It’s January so we are ready for cozy, comfy winter decor. Ready, it’s time to brighten your decor up with some warm winter whites!

I am still using my spool trees and vintage pillar trees to add color. They will stay out for awhile now, as they look like the real thing right out our window.

Little vintage tables filled with vintage goodies are always perfect for little nooks in your home.

I have been in a chippy, shabby mood lately with my furniture pieces. Lightly distressed is more my style, just enough to let the natural wood shine through.

This vintage server recently received a new coat of paint and clear wax too. Added some crystal knobs for some bling and a touch of light distressing. Your cozy winter decor will take you through the long winter months!

Peace, love & Junk,


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A copper delight!

When I purchased this little vintage washstand on the Facebook Marketplace site it was a royal blue. The lady I bought it from, no longer had room for it and stated it belonged to her great Aunt. Unfortunately, I never took a before pic. Why, no time, no energy, just in a life has me down kinda mood.

In my mind I had a picture of the finished piece….it would be painted antique white, some French typography, waxed with ebony wax and a layer of copper in the wash basin. I nailed It!

Painted in two coats of General Finishes antique white milk paint, hand drawn graphics with an oil Sharpie. My favorite graphic from The Graphics Fairy.

I could picture the copper lining and knew what I wanted, so I sent my hubby on a mission to find it. Everywhere he looked it was commercial grade copper for construction and was very expensive. The idea and vision in my mind was crushed. So I started searching on the internet. Hobby Lobby to the rescue. They sell very thin rolls of copper for crafts and jewelry at a reasonable price, so I scooped it up. It would take two rolls and lots of tiny nails to attach it. But my vision was coming to life. I love it when a plan comes together.

I love when a plan comes together. Even if I hadn’t been able to find the copper, it still would have been a cute piece.

It is now at the vintage boutique waiting to go to a new home.

Peace, love & Junk,


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Just breathe…

I have to tell myself to….just breathe! Life can change in an instant and you can never go back. When this year started out with a phone call in the middle of the night that my adult son was in the emergency room, I knew this year would be a whirlwind.

Well, I was right. From my son’s nearly severed ankle, to my Moms open heart surgery, two strokes, pneumonia and fractured back, just to start. We gained temporary custody of my eight year old grandson in May and we are adjusting to life with a talkative, vivacious and smart eating machine. Mind you, we have been empty nesters for fifteen years. It’s not uncommon for my hubby to plan a two week motorcycle trip and then leave for several weeks. Or for me to spend hours in the studio, not realizing what time it is and that I haven’t eaten all day.

So I am just now getting back in the studio and creating everything I can in a twenty four hour day. Sleep is overrated when you have a creative spirit!

My past several days have been in the studio, then delivering and staging vintage furnishings.

As I’m going through my day, I find that I need to remind myself to……just breathe. For the planet will still spin, the work will go on and I will make it.

Creating and music keep my soul happy, so don’t be surprised if you hear Van Morrison playing on Pandora in the studio and I am covered in paint!

Peace, love & Junk,


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I’ll take Sping!

Our space at Vintage Groves 116, Perrysburg, Ohio.

Who’s ready for Spring? This girl is! Our winter here in N.W. Ohio has been made up of 70° temps, snow {lots of it}, several ice storms, with over one half inch of ice and 65 mph winds. So you can guess why I’m ready for Spring?

A little bit vintage, a little bit Spring and a little bit new.

Our customers are wanting new and vintage pieces to mix with their decor. So by adding some green moss bunnies, a really heavy metal rabbit, a vintage inspired bucket and some antique pillar candlesticks all on top of four drawer vintage dressser, I’m going for all the spring feels! Do you decorate for all the seasons? So do you change out your decor or just add pops of the season? I have so many favorite pieces in my home that I leave up all the time, that I add pops of the season. Christmas decor is a whole different story for a later date!

More bunnies, moss balls and my handmade candlestick holders.

This beautiful antique vanity is showing off my handmade pillar candlesticks and my vintage pillar candlesticks. Add some bunnies and a Whiting & Davis clutch purse. Who can resist…

Various types of vintage galvanized buckets hold some faux flowers.

I can’t resist a bucket, any type, any style it’s in my hand and I’m up at the register. Add some graphics and some flowers faux or real and they are perfect, inside or out.

Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies.

Check out the bunnies and then check out the reflection in the mirror. So many fabulous pieces at Vintage Groves 116, Perrysburg, Ohio.

Pillows are my jam!

You can change the feel in your home by changing out your pillows. These bright peonies in a blue mason jar are screaming Spring on this pillow.

Funky Junk from the Country

Well I can feel the sunshine and smell springtime. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting our space at Vintage Groves 16, Perrysburg, Ohio. If you are lucky enough to live in N.W. Ohio stop by and visit. If not, peruse my post and drop me a line.

Thank you from the bottom of my vintage heart & soul.

Peace, love & Junk, 


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