Oh la la…

I am a French typography junkie. I’ve drawn it on dressers, cabinets, tables, toolboxes, signs, trays, suitcases…and on and on. If it stands still long enough, it’s fair game to draw on.

This is a vintage suitcase that had problems with the leather, as it was fraying everywhere. This style is my absolute favorite, what can I say. The shape, the color, the wear and tear just add to it’s beauty. I use both white and black oil Sharpies to draw with. The results are fabulous, saving one more old suitcase at a time. I have a large suitcase collection and I do not draw on every suitcase, just the ones beyond repair!

The old train station suitcases are so fun to draw on. Check out a few here that I have done over the past couple of years!

The Graphics Fairy.com graphics

A couple more for your viewing pleasure!

This graphic is beautiful whether it’s on a suitcase or on a buffet. After drawing it on several different pieces in different sizes and colors, they are all so beautiful and unique.

Oh these graphics are so cool and really add a beautiful touch to a vintage piece that may not be style ready for your decor.

Oh that bee and the crown, this graphic is so much fun. I drew it on a pink small dresser and waxed it with a black wax, it sold in two days. The pink milk paint was a custom mix, it was such a soft pastel pink. By doing the graphics in black and then waxing it in ebony, it gave it that really old chippy shabby feel. Here it is!

Different size suitcases and colors are always fun to find. When I see one in disrepair, I know right away I can rescue it!

I could go on and on with pics of my french typography suitcases. Hope you enjoy and next time you see a ratty suitcase think of me and my repurpose with French typography!

Peace, love & Junk,


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The Bicycle Dresser

  If you had seen this dresser at the auction, would you purchase it?  I did.  It will go from drab to fab, with lamp black milk paint, furniture polish, an oil Sharpie and glass vintage style knobs.  Add some time, hard work and music, it will become the “Bicycle Dresser”.

  My husband purchased this dresser at an auction and thought we could just put a price tag on it and take it to antique mall to sell.  After we unloaded it and looked at it again, there was quite a bit of veneer that was missing around the corners of the drawers and on the bottom piece of the dresser.  The wood was in such great shape in the middle of the drawers, it would be a shame to paint the entire dresser. What to do with it then?

  I had wanted to draw graphics on a piece in its natural wood and this might just be that piece.  So I took all the drawers out and my husband filled them and sanded them to take care of the missing and frayed veneer.  Lamp black milk paint from General Finishes is a favorite of mine and I would paint the frame of the dresser and about an inch of the outside edges of all the drawers.  The wood fill would need to be painted and covered.

Now to decide on a graphic. My go to place for graphics is The Graphics Fairy.com After choosing the graphic, it’s time to start drawing. https://thegraphicsfairy.com/vintage-advertising-clip-art-antique-bicycle After using the bicycle graphic several times, in different sizes, I feel comfortable drawing it. I use oil Sharpies to draw with and love the results. Against the natural wood on the dresser it really looks amazing. I’m so excited that I chose this dresser and this graphic to try this technique! I’m always trying to grow and try new techniques to keep my pieces fresh and to keep me in love with creating.


After the graphics I will need to paint about an inch at the end of each drawer to cover the fill. I choose to draw the graphics prior to painting to make sure I had enough room for the full graphic and it fit so nicely. Quite often I add a little something or take away a little from each graphic I draw. This time it’s the complete graphic. After drawing on each piece I need to step back and make sure the graphic is complete. I’m not perfect and often miss something in the graphic or add a little extra, yet overall…I’m happy with the results.

Up next…I need to add the glass vintage inspired knobs. I love these knobs and have them in three different sizes. The large size is what I used on this dresser and they look fabulous. After completing hundreds of dressers, my go to glass knobs are a signature of my pieces.

Well it’s almost reveal time. It’s cold outside and my studio will have to do for a photo.

Off to the vintage market it went. It was purchased by a couple in North Carolina and would make the trip down south wrapped in blankets. Enjoy, now on to the next one!

The House Market, Maumee, Ohio

Thank you so much for stopping by and following along my journey of Junk. I’m off to find my next project.

Peace, love & Junk,


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“Dream Big Little One” Dresser

We purchased this dresser at auction and it was all in tact. A pretty mirror, dresser drawers and the little closet attached. While moving it out of the truck, a little mishap took place and the mirror slid out and fell on the floor of the box truck. We took the frame off and I said “No problem, I’ll make it a chalkboard”. And, that’s just what it became. Things don’t always work out exactly as you plan them…they turn out better!

There were some spots that needed to be filled and the drawers needed to be adjusted so they would fit properly again. After that it was ready for paint. My go to paint is General Finishes Milk Paint in antique white. This piece would take three coats of paint to cover the entire piece. The frame where the mirror once was, has been replaced with a spare piece of wood that was painted with black chalkboard paint. Then the fun part starts. What fun you might ask? Choosing a graphic to draw on the door. My hubby told me this one was made for the vintage Ballerina graphic from The Graphics Fairy.


I have drawn this graphic several times before on different pieces and sizes of furniture, so I knew I enjoyed drawing it. It is a challenge, yet fun. I print out the graphic on graph paper and then fold the paper into four sections. This allows me to determine where the center is and the start drawing the graphics on my piece of furniture. I use oil Sharpies and love them. I have fifty different black oil Sharpie’s in different size tips for drawing.

After the graphics are completed the piece is ready for wax. I use ebony wax from BriWax and find it easy to use over milk paint. After brushing the wax on, in small sections, I will then rub the whole furniture piece with steel wool. This gives it an old age/vintage look, almost like the graphics have been there for years.

Glass knobs will be added, they just look classic to me and are my favorite. I added a simple name to the chalkboard for fun. Then it’s time for staging and…Photography.

And, it is up next. I love the color of the vintage gold velvet jewelry box against the black and white. Both the jewelry box and the old straw hat were picked up at an auction too.

It’s always fun to step back and look at your hard work and accomplishment.

This piece will be going to the antique mall. Hopefully it will find an owner who will enjoy it for years to come. So, dream big little one as you dance on.

Peace, love & Junk,


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Moonlight with a French Twist

After completing numerous antique white dressers with French typography in ebony, it’s time for something a little different. Antique white painted vintage furniture sells, so I find myself painting a lot of it. It sells really well, yet quite often everyone is painting in antique white. So it’s time for a dresser I call “Moonlight”. See this vintage dresser go from tired to truly beautiful.

My favorite style of dresser to paint are the small dressers with detail and scrollwork. Even in disrepair, there is still so much potential. This dresser had numerous water rings on the top and wear and tear on the drawers. My hubby would fill the holes for the handles on the dresser and then drill a new hole for my crystal knobs. I don’t typically sand my pieces before painting them, but this one needed it. Next up paint.

Well it’s been quite some time since I painted a piece in Lamp Black, I’m ready now. If you’ve followed me for any time now, you know that I use General Finishes Milk Paint and love it. Painting a furniture piece in black can be difficult and I suggest having sufficient light when painting. It will make it so much easier to spot if you missed anything.

Three light coats of paint should cover your piece. I will have a very subtle amount of distressing to finish the piece, more to follow. Next up my favorite part, french typography.

My favorite site for graphics is The Graphics Fairy. I chose this design because I previously completed a large piece with this same graphic and loved it.


I draw these designs by hand with an oil Sharpie. The6 have them in all colors and can be found at any craft store. Having used them for years, I love drawing with them.

Next up will be some very light distressing and white wax for the whole piece. There is a mirror which just adds to this pieces beauty.

With more detail on this mirror, the white wax brings out the amazing scroll work.

Check out the completed piece. It turned out amazing. Up next will be a name for this pretty piece and off to the vintage boutique it goes.

Her name is…Moonlight. She is dark, yet distressed lightly and a touch of white wax so she will shine. “Moonlight ” it is!

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My Old Red Truck

This is our old red International flat bed truck that sits distinguishably in front of our barn. We took a ride about seven years ago to Fort Wayne, Indiana to look at an old truck and came home with three old trucks. This is the one that stayed! We live in the country and have put several trucks out front and people are always stopping by asking if the trucks are sale? My typical response “Talk to my hubby”. Before you know it, it’s going down the driveway with a new proud owner. You see, they were all going to be yard art. My plans have always been to put pots and pots of geraniums in the back bed. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The old red truck now takes cover under the barn to preserve that old worn patina. That’s not just any patina, it was painted with a quart of red Rustoleum paint. Several years of sun, rain, sleet and snow has added that old world charm to that old red truck.

It doesn’t snow all the time here, although it may feel like it now. This pic, taken in early fall, highlights my signs on the doors. Someday {in the summer} I will paint my logo on the doors! Yes, it’s on my list for 2018!

My love for everything old, vintage and rusty is encompassed in this old red truck.

Thank you for checking in on my journey of Junk!

Peace, live & junk,






Hands, hands & more hands…

Yes, it’s October and my Halloween decor is coming out.  Where have all my hands been?  Tucked away waiting to break out and be seen.  Aren’t they the coolest?  Why yes they are.  They look awesome in a black and white photo. 

Don’t mind the dogs rear end in the lower right hand corner of the pic, she just wouldn’t move. Ugh!  So the photo must go on.  

Picked up some pretty mums from a family farm stand down the road and will be picking up some pumpkins soon too. We’ve had so much rain lately, the pumpkins could have floated away. 

My summer flowers are still hanging on and look really awesome, it’s hard to tear them out.  I know I have to, its just hard to let go if something so pretty this time of year.

My succulents look even better now.  They really love the old bottom bucket I planted them in. 

I have really enjoyed watching them grow this season and creating this cute little planting out of a piece of rusty Junk. 

Speaking of rusty Junk, my hanging scale was totally awesome thus year with the Boston fern.  In fact the Boston fern looks so good, I will be taking it in the house for the winter season.  I plan on putting it in the tall brass cigarette stand in the dining room to enjoy the sun from the patio doors. 

I now have four hanging scales that I have purchased over the past several years to hold my plants.  They look fabulous, don’t they? Yes they do. 

Every year I try something new {old} and unique to bring joy to my garden, I have accomplished that this year! 

On to winter and the joys of snow.  

Thank you! 

Peace, love & Junk, 




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Welcome to Funky Junk from the Country

French typography is my creative outlet. I have been painting furniture for 40+ years, long before it was cool. I was the first one in our antique mall to bring in painted furniture to our spaces. My style was different and fresh, my finishes are smooth and feel new. I felt a desire to create something different, something that would stand out from the crowd.

I have collected, antique, old, vintage and anything I liked for as long as I can remember. My Gramma Julia was a collector and my Gramma Goldie was a crafter. My Mom is a gardener and my Aunt Shirley is an artist. I have the best of both worlds, now fast forward….I collect, craft and create. I am so fortunate to have passed on that love to my daughter and my granddaughter Sweet Eloise.

So, sit back, relax and follow my journey of funky junk from the country.

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