Welcome December

Our barn, Monclova, Ohio

December is so gorgeous in the country. Our first measurable snowfall of the season happened this week, two inches of the pretty white stuff. The first snow is always the prettiest. It glistens, no paths, everything looks so perfect. Quite often it looks like a Christmas card. The barn always stands out in the snow.

Vintage elf’s always visit in December.

Another sign of December is our vintage elf’s. Yes, our naughty elf’s are back and looking for mischief. Every year they appear for a good time, enjoy!

Vintage bobbin trees

Vintage bobbins make the perfect stand for small cream sisal trees. I purchased the vintage bobbins on Etsy at a fabulous price. After using them for the quilt trees I had several left and they are perfect for tiny sisel trees.

Vintage bobbins

Enjoy your week, I’m getting back to more crafting and need to finish decorating the Christmas tree.

Thank you for stopping by!

Peace, love & junk,


Smitten mittens & Quilted trees

Vintage quilt mittens

Cutter quilts are collectible and can be used for so many creations to keep that cozy quilt feeling. I have collected cutter quilts and vintage quilts for over 35 years to create with and to decorate with. The work that goes into a quilt is amazing, long hours and lots of love. Can you imagine the number of stitches that goes into a full size quilt?

Vintage quilts and blue ticking fabric

So from these lovingly stitched cutter quilts come cozy creations. Check them out. With some vintage spools, old lace and fabric these quilted trees, mittens and hearts are made.

Vintage spools

I ordered the vintage spools on Facebook Marketplace and it was a deal. I ordered another package yesterday and can’t wait for them to come in! Happy mail is on its way!

Cutter quilt Christmas trees

The red and white quilt pieces were picked up this year from an antique shop in west Texas on our cross country picking trip to visit the kids. Someone started this beautiful quilt and then quit. All the fabric is in the bag waiting for someone to finish or to create with. I’m the “to create with” person. I have made a hand stitched quilt from start to finish and hand stitched a quilt top. The work, oh my! Quilters are to be admired!

Quilted trees

Hearts are a favorite of mine. Who doesn’t like hearts? Pocket hearts are perfect for gift giving. Just place your gift card in the pocket, no wrapping necessary. So sweet.

Quilted pocket heart

These we all be going to our spaces at the Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio. I have more to make, let the sewing begin.

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

On this Sunday morning we have our first snow fall and it’s sticking to the ground. Enjoy your Sunday and drop me a note.

Thank you so much for stopping by my place in the Country.

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Time to decorate for the holidays?

My original door knob Christmas tree, created Dec. 2007

Are getting that holiday decor itch? That need to decorate for Christmas, as soon as Halloween is over? 12:01 am on November 1st? I wait to find out if my sister is hosting Thanksgiving or am I. With the past two years being a global pandemic we have not had any visitors for the holidays. So should we go big or just a cozy Christmas in the country?

Vintage elf found in a boutique in Arizona.

If you are like me, we look for vintage Christmas defor all year long. When you see it and it’s in your budget, pick it up. Chances are it won’t be there at the holidays! The above vintage Elf is now a part of my personal collection. I couldn’t resist when I seen him peeking out of a corner in a vintage shop in Arizona. Seriously, I couldn’t pick this little guy up fast enough.

Maumee Antique Mall, Maumee, Ohio Booth #16

In the vintage and antique shop business you are ready as soon as Halloween is over! Customers who decorate early are already buying and planning this year’s decorations and gifts.

Our front porch, Monclova, Ohio

When you live in N.W. Ohio when the weather is nice in late October or early November you decorate outside! Red bows will be added and all the leaves will be picked up by then. This fall has really been summer this season. An unusual year, with temps in the 80’s and tons of rain. The winter season will be a welcome change in temperature and gorgeous scenery.

Home sweet home, Monclova, Ohio

So, are you decorating early or waiting? Drop a comment and let me know! Either way, have fun and enjoy the season! Buy vintage and save a little piece of this earth.

Peace, love & junk,


Happy Halloween

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

It’s Halloween in the country. Rain has dominated our October as the farmers rush to take in the crops. Our little piece of the country {11 acres} is really soggy. The pond is up and we have a second pond in the back yard, that the deer are enjoying playing in the water.

Our front porch stairs

The mums are hanging on too, with all this rain they are still thriving. Pumpkins are getting soggy and will be upped in the back yard for the deer to enjoy.

Colors of fall in the trees Monclova, Ohio

Quite a few of our trees have not turned yet. With the above average temperatures, the leaves aren’t expected to turn until the middle of November. Making it a rush to get them picked up before the snow starts to fall.

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

Enjoy Halloween with your family and friends. We are on to the holidays at the Antique Mall and looking forward to a new year! Stay safe and enjoy!

Peace, love & junk,

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My French Typography

A mini buffet with hand drawn French Typography
Vintage dresser with hand drawn French typography
Vintage armoire with French Typography
Black milk paint with white hand drawn French typography
French Typography on a vintage dresser with natural wood
A vintage cabinet with color and hand drawn French typography

I hope you’ve enjoyed just a couple of my hand drawn French Typography pieces. Thank you to The Graphics Fairy website for all of their inspiration in all of my pieces!

Peace, love & junk,


As the sun goes down…

Monclova, Ohio

I have been watering mums, 21 pots, every evening and this is my view. Time well spent, time to unwind from the day and just enjoy the peace.

Wedding white mums

They’re named wedding white mums for a reason, we are hosting a wedding here in the country. October 2, 2021 to be exact, so we are in prep mode. I purchased these gorgeous mums from a local nursery a couple of miles away from us. My favorite garden nursery for the fall, their customer service and quality of plants is top notch!

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

Even the She Shed will be decked out with mums. I spent a day sweeping and refreshing the she shed, my hubby replaced the alarm batteries so the porch lights work. Love seeing it from our deck all lit up.

Our She Shed porch, Monclova, Ohio

These views never get old. Enjoy a peaceful sunset.

Peace, love & junk,


All the Fall Feels

It’s that time of year again, late summer getting ready for fall. Who else loves this time of year ?

Funky Junk bleached flannels

I collect flannels all year from thrift stores and garage sales to create these cozy, soft dipped flannels. My favorites are the red flannels when they turn pink and white. Perfect for your crisp mornings and late nights. Pair them with your felt hats and vintage jewelry.

Yes, it’s time to start thinking about sweater pumpkins and mums!

The leaves will start to fall and the evenings are prefect for Bon fires with friends. So get ready as we roll out of summer and into fall.

Peace, love and junk,

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Hearts Desire

  • Felt Squares
  • Embroidery Floss
  • Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Needle

Handmade felt hearts, the best therapy ever!

Simple ideas to decorate with hearts.

Felt squares, embroidery floss, stuffing, scissors, needle and your imagination, you too can create them!

After a horrible fall, multiple fractures and a really bad concussion I needed something to help my recovery. The Doctor told me to play with cards, I did follow her suggestion. I just couldn’t play cards for eight hours a day. So…using my hands to create was the best solution. Even with one hand in a cast and the other in a splint, I conquered keeping my fingers moving.

I will soon go back to my day job, after two and half months off work. I can’t remember my passwords and I’m already freaking out about remembering how to work all the systems at work. Yet, I’m going to give it my best shot. Wish me luck!

Peace, love and junk,


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Merry Merry

Wow, where did 2020 go? A year like no other, so let’s not dwell on the unpleasantness. Let’s enjoy some holiday cheer, vintage mirrors, shiny brites, trees and more trees.

A collection of vintage mirrors that were purchased at auction and never made it to the antique mall. I have even more, but the gold frames are my favorite!

These shiny brite ornaments are my favorite and have been collected over time. Who can resist these delicate little pieces of the past?

That first picture after putting up the tree. So much more decorating needs to be done!

Mother Nature has been doing some decorating on her own too. Our first measurable snowfall of the season.

After each snowfall the big red barn always looks like a Christmas card!

The antique booths have been stocked and restocked for all of our customers.

Thank you for dropping by! Merry Christmas and happy new year from us here at Funky Junk from the Country!

Peace, love & junk,


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On to the holidays!

Wow, what a year 2020 has been. So let’s bring on the holidays to fill our hearts with some joy. Each year I search high and low to try to create something new and unique for the holidays. I have been obsessed with bottle brush trees for years! They are just the sweetest!

So take a look back at my creative trees from years ago. 🌲

My all time favorite tree! Simple yet…beautiful.
A simple white pitcher I picked up at the thrift store holds this large bottle brush tree and looks so festive.
Who doesn’t love a classic VW Bug with a tree on top?
My favorites…I was working in the studio late one night and had purchased these bottle brush trees at an auction. I love old door knobs and had a huge collection, but what to do with them? Then an
idea, put the bottle brush trees in the old door knobs. Just like peanut butter and chocolate they went together to create something unique. I created these back in 2013 when bottle brush trees where hard to come by and not so popular. I was over the moon when I posted this pick on Instagram in 2013 and Cari Cucksey from HGTV liked my pic. I was over the moon!
Over the years, a little bit of whimsy with vintage finds for the holiday!
My door knob trees with my oil can ornament stands, original ideas allow my creativity to shine!
Can’t leave out shiny brite vintage bulbs I picked up at an auction. Scored!

I hope this post finds you well and adds some anticipation for the upcoming holidays!

Thank you so much for checking in and stay tuned for more holiday posts!

Peace, love & junk,


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