Happy Halloween

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

It’s Halloween in the country. Rain has dominated our October as the farmers rush to take in the crops. Our little piece of the country {11 acres} is really soggy. The pond is up and we have a second pond in the back yard, that the deer are enjoying playing in the water.

Our front porch stairs

The mums are hanging on too, with all this rain they are still thriving. Pumpkins are getting soggy and will be upped in the back yard for the deer to enjoy.

Colors of fall in the trees Monclova, Ohio

Quite a few of our trees have not turned yet. With the above average temperatures, the leaves aren’t expected to turn until the middle of November. Making it a rush to get them picked up before the snow starts to fall.

Our big red barn, Monclova, Ohio

Enjoy Halloween with your family and friends. We are on to the holidays at the Antique Mall and looking forward to a new year! Stay safe and enjoy!

Peace, love & junk,

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On to the holidays!

Wow, what a year 2020 has been. So let’s bring on the holidays to fill our hearts with some joy. Each year I search high and low to try to create something new and unique for the holidays. I have been obsessed with bottle brush trees for years! They are just the sweetest!

So take a look back at my creative trees from years ago. 🌲

My all time favorite tree! Simple yet…beautiful.
A simple white pitcher I picked up at the thrift store holds this large bottle brush tree and looks so festive.
Who doesn’t love a classic VW Bug with a tree on top?
My favorites…I was working in the studio late one night and had purchased these bottle brush trees at an auction. I love old door knobs and had a huge collection, but what to do with them? Then an
idea, put the bottle brush trees in the old door knobs. Just like peanut butter and chocolate they went together to create something unique. I created these back in 2013 when bottle brush trees where hard to come by and not so popular. I was over the moon when I posted this pick on Instagram in 2013 and Cari Cucksey from HGTV liked my pic. I was over the moon!
Over the years, a little bit of whimsy with vintage finds for the holiday!
My door knob trees with my oil can ornament stands, original ideas allow my creativity to shine!
Can’t leave out shiny brite vintage bulbs I picked up at an auction. Scored!

I hope this post finds you well and adds some anticipation for the upcoming holidays!

Thank you so much for checking in and stay tuned for more holiday posts!

Peace, love & junk,


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I’ll take Sping!

Our space at Vintage Groves 116, Perrysburg, Ohio.

Who’s ready for Spring? This girl is! Our winter here in N.W. Ohio has been made up of 70° temps, snow {lots of it}, several ice storms, with over one half inch of ice and 65 mph winds. So you can guess why I’m ready for Spring?

A little bit vintage, a little bit Spring and a little bit new.

Our customers are wanting new and vintage pieces to mix with their decor. So by adding some green moss bunnies, a really heavy metal rabbit, a vintage inspired bucket and some antique pillar candlesticks all on top of four drawer vintage dressser, I’m going for all the spring feels! Do you decorate for all the seasons? So do you change out your decor or just add pops of the season? I have so many favorite pieces in my home that I leave up all the time, that I add pops of the season. Christmas decor is a whole different story for a later date!

More bunnies, moss balls and my handmade candlestick holders.

This beautiful antique vanity is showing off my handmade pillar candlesticks and my vintage pillar candlesticks. Add some bunnies and a Whiting & Davis clutch purse. Who can resist…

Various types of vintage galvanized buckets hold some faux flowers.

I can’t resist a bucket, any type, any style it’s in my hand and I’m up at the register. Add some graphics and some flowers faux or real and they are perfect, inside or out.

Bunnies, bunnies and more bunnies.

Check out the bunnies and then check out the reflection in the mirror. So many fabulous pieces at Vintage Groves 116, Perrysburg, Ohio.

Pillows are my jam!

You can change the feel in your home by changing out your pillows. These bright peonies in a blue mason jar are screaming Spring on this pillow.

Funky Junk from the Country

Well I can feel the sunshine and smell springtime. Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting our space at Vintage Groves 16, Perrysburg, Ohio. If you are lucky enough to live in N.W. Ohio stop by and visit. If not, peruse my post and drop me a line.

Thank you from the bottom of my vintage heart & soul.

Peace, love & Junk, 


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