My Old Red Truck

This is our old red International flat bed truck that sits distinguishably in front of our barn. We took a ride about seven years ago to Fort Wayne, Indiana to look at an old truck and came home with three old trucks. This is the one that stayed! We live in the country and have put several trucks out front and people are always stopping by asking if the trucks are sale? My typical response “Talk to my hubby”. Before you know it, it’s going down the driveway with a new proud owner. You see, they were all going to be yard art. My plans have always been to put pots and pots of geraniums in the back bed. It doesn’t get any better than that.

The old red truck now takes cover under the barn to preserve that old worn patina. That’s not just any patina, it was painted with a quart of red Rustoleum paint. Several years of sun, rain, sleet and snow has added that old world charm to that old red truck.

It doesn’t snow all the time here, although it may feel like it now. This pic, taken in early fall, highlights my signs on the doors. Someday {in the summer} I will paint my logo on the doors! Yes, it’s on my list for 2018!

My love for everything old, vintage and rusty is encompassed in this old red truck.

Thank you for checking in on my journey of Junk!

Peace, live & junk,